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Data Recovery from all Media and All Circumstances

Data Recovery Ireland

Developer of Innovative Data Recovery Tools & Techniques since 1985

Data Recovery Ireland

Leader in Data Recovery Since 1985

Data Recovery Ireland

We recover where others fail

Data Recovery Ireland

Dedicated Data Recovery Experts for over 30 years

Data Recovery Ireland

We don’t gamble with Customers Data, we Recover it

We are Ireland’s longest serving provider of Expert Data Recovery Services doing so since 1985. We have assisted thousands of customers who have found themselves in the unenviable position of needing to retrieve valuable lost information from damaged storage media.

We provide a Full Professional Data Recovery Service throughout Ireland, UK and beyond to customers ranging from Consumer End Users to IT Companies and Corporations as well as Government Departments and Institutions.

Through our innovative technical approach and our long history of developing specialist tools and techniques, we remain consistently amongst the most successful Data Recovery Companies in the world when benchmarked against Professional Data Recovery Organisations in Europe, USSR, USA and Asia.

All our work is carried out in tightly controlled dust Free Clean room environments to help ensure the best possible outcome in the highest number of cases.

Why choose us?

We understand that you have a choice of Data Recovery Service Providers to consider before making a decision but few of our competitors can provide such a list of compelling reasons as ourselves.


We have over 30 years experience developing data storage recovery technologies for the efficient recovery of critical data and we have delivered thousands of successful data recoveries to our valued customers over this time. Some of our tools and techniques have been adopted by other Data Recovery Companies over this time.

Highest Success Rate

In addition to our in house Engineering Team who are constantly innovating, we work with several leading industry partners to develop and enhance specialist tools & techniques to consistently deliver the Highest Data Recovery Success rates. It is very rare that we cannot provide a practical solution for a Data Recovery Request.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is very reasonable and is open, clear and fair. At all stages of the process our customers are kept fully informed of all potential costs. At no stage in the process are customers committed to making any payment without having full clarity and knowledge of what exactly will be delivered and is expressly happy to proceed.


We have unrivalled skills, equipment and expertise enabling us to competently and efficiently perform all types of successful recoveries from the most basic to the most technically advanced. We constantly remain amongst the highest rated Data Recovery Companies in the World.


We have streamlined and automated many of the time consuming parts of the data recovery processes which allows for a rapid and cost effective turn around time on all projects. All activities are done within our fully Equipped Cleanroom Laboratories based in Ireland – Nothing goes overseas.

Confidential Services

Most of our work involves the handling of both personal and commercially sensitive data and all data recovery jobs are treated with utmost confidentiality and carried out in our own laboratories which are tightly secured & controlled.

What to do if you get a data recovery issue

The best advice is stop whatever activity your doing and don’t do anything further that can likely make a bad situation worse.

You should:

  • Make a note

    Quickly note all observable facts.

  • Power down the machine

    Shut the machine down as quickly and as safely as possible.

  • Contact us

    Call or email Data Recovery Ireland who will talk you through the process.

We strongly suggest NOT to run off the shelf basic data recovery software as in many cases it is of poor quality and more importantly when ran on a failing drive, it can cause it to deteriorate further.

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What others say about us

We went to Data Recovery Ireland when 3 drives in our RAID system failed. Not all of the data was backed up, and it was critical to our business. The turnaround time was very fast, and Data Recovery Ireland were accommodating and helpful throughout the process. The data is now all fine, and we appreciate their help with this. We would certainly recommend them to others.

Data Recovery Ireland provided an excellent service when our RAID system failed. We could not believe Data Recovery Ireland were able to get to work on this straight away and retrieve our data over the weekend. We would like to thank Data Recovery Ireland for their top class service and would recommend them to anyone with critical data recovery needs.

We came to Data Recovery Ireland for help when we encountered some baffling error messages from our RAID server. It was really worrying and for a time it seemed that much of our data had been lost. Data Recovery Ireland were a huge help and a calm voice in a time of great panic! We later discovered that the data was all fine and we didn’t need their help, but I was very reassured by the confidence they inspired. I would be very happy to use them in the future if we ever need their services.

Data Recovery Ireland retrieved important files from our RAID system when a number of the drives became unreadable. It was important to us to get this data back and we were anxious for a speedy recovery. Data Recovery Ireland were professional and efficient, and we were able to come to a very satisfactory agreement with regard to the price. We would be delighted to use them again in the future if the need arose, and would certainly recommend them to others.

We recently had a hard drive which became physically damaged. We sent the drive to a local computer store but they were unable to retrieve anything at all. The drive contained all of our important business files so it was vital to retrieve these documents. We then sent the drive to Data Recovery Ireland who got to work on it straight away. It was an advanced recovery with a lot of work involved. We are delighted to say that they were able to retrieve our vital files and we now have this information safely back with us.

When a hard drive we had stopped being detected we were very anxious to retrieve the important information it contained. We sent it to Data Recovery Ireland who were professional and helpful from the start. They kept in touch during the process and were flexible to our needs. We were delighted to receive all of our important files back this week and we would recommend Data Recovery Ireland to anyone who has data recovery needs.

Data Recovery Ireland recently recovered some important data from one of our drives that had failed. This data was absolutely critical and it would not have been possible to do without it, so we were very anxious to retrieve it. The process was clear and efficient, and we had our files back in a very satisfactory time frame. We would be only too happy to recommend their services to any business experiencing a loss of data and would certainly use them again if the need arose.

Thank you to all the team at Data Recovery Ireland. When one of our SxS cards came back from shooting with no visible footage on it, Data Recovery worked day and night to try and recover the footage for us. They were efficient, professional and went above and beyond any normal service to help us under severe time pressure. I would have no hesitation recommending Data Recovery Ireland.

We were happy with the service provided by Data Recovery Ireland and delighted they got back all the data we needed from our Hard Disk Drive which failed and stopped being detected on any PC. If we were to ever have another hard drive failure, we would not hesitate to use their services again.

We had a situation with a hard drive that failed and started making a clicking sound and giving a OS not found error message. We had a considerable volume of important data on this drive that we quickly needed to get back. Data Recovery Ireland understood the urgency of the situation and we are delighted that they have succeeded in recovering all the information we needed. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone running into this kind of hard drive trouble.

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