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CD, DVD, Floppy & Tape Data Recovery

Contact us!We have built up an enviable reputation in the provision of a highly professional data recovery services from a variety of storage media to a broad range of customers and we have the expertise to recover data from all types of CD / DVD disks, Floppy Disks or Tapes (DAT, DLT etc.)

CD and DVD Data Recovery

CD & DVD Data RecoveryWhile CD and DVD media are a very reliable form of storage and backup it can fail either due to logical failures, scratches prolonged use or overwriting. CD recovery and DVD recovery can be required when the table of contents has been affected thus rendering the CD / DVD unreadable via normal operating conditions. By employing specialised tools and equipment we can ensure that the maximum amount of inaccessible or lost data is recovered.

We provide CD/DVD services for:

  • DVD-RW Data Recovery
  • CR-RW Data Recovery
  • DVD-ROM Data Recovery
  • CD-ROM Data Recovery
  • CD-R Data Recovery
  • Mini digital camers CD/DVD Data Recovery

Floppy Disk Data Recovery

Floppy Disk Data RecoveryIf you still have valuable data files that you need recovered from an old 5.25″ / 3.5″ or 8″ floppy disk or want to access, archive the content, or transfer the data to CD DVD or other media we can help.

We use sophisticated data recovery techniques and technologies and can recover your data from a variety of situations such as:

  • Error messages such as “Disk not accessible”
  • Files corrupted or data lost by virus attacks
  • Unintentional deletion or formatting of data
  • Physically damaged sectors
  • Physically damaged clusters
  • Physical damage of the boot, root or FAT area of the floppy disk.

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data RecoveryTape is still being used today as a backup method for some businesses and they usually contain business-critical data that cannot be easily recreated. When a tape fails, it can be a very intricate process to recover the vital contents stored on them.

We have the expertise to recover data from all formats of tape (including LTO formats (LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 and LTO4), DLT and DAT tape formats of all varieties (including Super DLT data recovery, DLT 8000 data recovery, DLT II-IV data recovery, DAT data recovery), Sony AIT formats and 1/2 Inch Open Reel and cartridges), regardless of age and irrespective of manufacturer, tape system or software used. Due to our experience in this area spanning over 25 years, chances are that if it’s backup tape or media, we’ve worked with it and sucessfully recovered important data for our many clients. Furthermore to anticipate your future requirements we also provide a Tape Data Conversion service when recovering data.

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