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Software System Data Recovery

Contact us!Data loss on Servers and Computers is in the first instance usually attributable to data loss due to faulty Disk Drives or RAID Arrays and as such requires professional data recovery using professional tools and processes. This is an area of data recovery which we specialise in having garnered a wealth of experience successfully recovering over many years.

In Server data loss situations, however there can be mission critical applications running on the machines that having professional approach and methodology to recover the data quickly as data loss is not an option.

We have a wealth of experience in the area of MS Exchange Data Recovery, Unix Recovery, Linux Recovery, VMware Data Recovery, MySQL Data Recovery and have successfully recovered critical data for many very relieved IT Managers and CTO’s and company owners over many years.

MS Exchange Data Recovery

Microsoft Exchange Server Data RecoveryThe MS exchange server is a tool which allows many companies to deliver a higher level of productivity and if there is one downside to the MS exchange, it is that once implemented companies become extremely reliant amd dependent on it. That means that when disaster strikes at the MS exchange server level, serious problems can occur which require professional exchange server recovery.

When MS exchange recovery is necessary, there are typically a few common scenarios:

  • Unable to mount database
  • Corruption in database
  • Corrupt or improper database backups
  • Human Error
  • Accidental Deletion of virtual drive, used for hosting database (edb, stm)

In cases like this, it will always be necessary to contact a professional hard drive repair company. We have in-house developed processes, tools and technology to recover emails, tasks and notes from the Exchange database and edb recovery, PST recovery and OST recovery are carried out in a specialized and professional Class100 cleanroom to ensure that data is safe at all times and that no contaminants interfere with the MS exchange recovery process.

Unix and Linux Data Recovery

UNIX & Linux Data RecoveryWe have the expertise and specialised tools to recover data from any UNIX and Linux systems, whether you are using a RAID 5 server or simple terminal.

Using Linux, you may face data loss due to any of the following hard drive segmenting and file storage problems, which we are able to support:

  • Lost / Corrupted MBR
  • Lost / Corrupted Super Block
  • Lost / Corrupted Inode Table Deletion of Files & Folders
  • System crashes and FSCK failures
  • Lost / Damaged RAID configurations
  • Corrupted unmountable file systems
  • Corrupt BGD (Block Group Descriptor)
  • Deleted or Formatted partitions
  • Deleted or missing files and folders
  • Corruption in Root Directory

If you have experienced data loss from a UNIX or Linux system it is extremely important to recover the files as soon as possible because once the space that the file had occupied is overwritten it is gone forever.

VMware Data Recovery

VMWare Data RecoveryVMware platforms offer cost-effective virtual solutions that allow for hardware independence of operating systems and applications, which enable companies to deliver improved efficiency, however compromised data is still a risk within any virtualised infrastructure.

Here at Data Recovery we have a wealth of expertise and resources to recover files from all types of file systems. and various VMware configurations.

We can successfully recover data from the following causes of data loss:

  • VMware vStorage VMFS volume corruption.
  • Deleted VMware vStorage VMFS volumes.
  • Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) corruption.
  • Traditional RAID and hardware failures.
  • Deleted or corrupt files contained within virtualised storage systems

MySQL Data Recovery

MySQL Data RecoveryMany companies rely on MySQL databases to store important and sensitive data and any damage or corruption that occurs in the MySQL data files can cause a lot of issues for your organisation. MySQL data recovery is possible and can be very successful when handled properly. Below is a list of potential problems you may face:

  • Corrupt or deleted indexes
  • Locked database or .mdf file.
  • Deleted or damaged tables
  • Damaged Hard Disk Drives
  • Lost Partitions
  • Deleted stored procedures and/or views
  • Virus attacks
  • Accidental deletion of tables or volumes
  • Any physical or logical problems with the drive
  • Corrupted MySQL databases

If you see your problem listed above, chances are we will be able to recover the data for you.

Email Data Recovery

We have extensive knowledge of email file structure and the way these files are stored on individual systems and mail servers and we have developed a range of email recovery tools and techniques that allow us to retrieve emails with all inherent objects (e.g. body text, sent/receive details, attachments, headers etc.). Our email recovery service also encompases a range of solutions for retrieving corrupted or deleted contact details, appointments, calendar items, scheduled tasks etc.

Due to the fact that PST files are generally quite large and are often open in the background while the user is performing other tasks and saving data to the hard drive, deleted PST files are usually stored in an extremely fragmented way on the hard drive. This makes recovery impossible in most cases by using generic, off-the -shelf recovery software.

We can recover any email type files, PST, OST etc, from a variety of loss scenarios, including:

  • Accidental deletion or sabotage
  • Virus attacks
  • Sudden system shut down
  • Corrupt files / archives
  • Exeeding file size in MS Outlook
  • Hard Disk Drive Formatting
  • System failure cause by power outages
  • Email server or client failure

Email Client and Servers we support:

  • Microsoft Outlook Data Recovery
  • Outlook Express Data Recovery
  • Windows Mail Data Recovery
  • IncrediMail Data Recovery
  • Thunderbird Data Recovery
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Data Recovery
  • Lotus Notes Data Recovery
  • IBM Lotus Domino Data Recovery
  • XMS Email Application Data Recovery
  • Server Open-Xchange Data Recovery
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